Hi. I’m Cagri and I'm originally from Istanbul, Turkey, now based in Los Angeles. I’ve had the experience of working as an art director on a variety of advertising and entertainment campaigns as well as helping brands with designing their identity.

You can scroll down and check out some of the selected works I've done over the past couple of years.

Client: CAPX
Role: Graphic Design

CAPX helps busy finance executives match their financing needs with capital providers across the country, reducing their time spent and executing deals. I helped them design their brand look, and advised them through the creative process.

Client: Various Clients
Role: Art Direction

I've had the privilege to work on campaigns for well known movies and shows on and off over the last couple of months. I collaborated with well known actors and photographers during these campaigns.

Client: Westmann & Wilson
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design

Westmann & Wilson, a law firm with offices in California, Massachusetts, Turkey, Indonesia, China, services prestigious clients worldwide. For their re-brand request I've designed a minimalistic logo design using the strong shape of the letter “W”, but without actually showing the whole letter. I wanted to use the “W” as a unique design, showing two letters subtly and elegantly.

Client: Xbox
Role: Art Direction

XBox were releasing their newest console, XBox One X, which had the strongest chip ever used in an XBox, with a 4k feature. I designed this print campaign to connect the console with the most powerful situations and imagery constrained in an X shaped layout.

Personal Project
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design

I wanted to use my font Womby (that I released in 2017) to design some materials to show a few examples of what you can make with Womby. During my research, I came across some beautiful vintage matchboxes. I thought it would be fun to design some old-school matchboxes and try out my font with that. You can also download the font below.


Client: Coke
Role: Art Direction

For Coke's 50th anniversary in Turkey, we partnered with the brand to remind ourselves how special and strong the Turkish way of optimism is. To illustrate this, we used those words in the language that represented this optimistic aproach to life of the Turkish people. 

Client: K A R P A T
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design

In 2013, award-winning Turkish creative director Karpat Polat decided to step down as president and chief creative officer at DDB (Istanbul) and open his own advertising agency, using his first name for the new agency’s name: K A R P A T. I designed the branding identity for this new  company using a unique color combination that would stand out from other advertising agencies.

Client: Tuborg
Role: Art Direction

I designed a special bottle for Tuborg's Limited Edition 2015 collector bottle . This product was in retail markets for three months and is now a collector's item that can only be found on Ebay.

Client: TEMA Foundation
Role: Art Direction

The TEMA Foundation (Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats), a Turkish non-profit organization, was created in 1992.

The Foundation asked us to design a Christmas-themed gift card as a thank you to their contributing members. I designed a Christmas tree from recycled paper and a “how-to” guide to send to their members. Thousands of customers recieved these, and they are now for sale on a variety of online shopping websites.